Feather-Weight Robots

ant weight arena
Feather weight robots, are in some ways simpler to design and build, due to the increased weight and size allowances. Great for a robot enthusiast who wants something bigger, but doesn't want to deal with 100kg of weight to transport. Their smaller size and weight makes them easily transportable to events by car

Rules state robots can be of any shape and size, with no official limit but under 2m is considered practical. Size is mainly governed by the weight restriction, larger robots will have poor or less armour. These Feather weights can also be used along side ant, beetle, and Heavy weight robots to be entered as a 'cluster', provided the total weight is within the class limit

ant weight robot with spinning disk weapon
There is also a wide range of weaponary from axes, flippers, and spinning disks and blades. Depending on your choice of strategy, there are also a range of armour choices from plastic and wood, to steel, polycarbonate, aluminium and even carbon fibre. to select for your build.

Many robotiers go for flippers in this category, but simple push bots with no actual weaponary still compete. Other more destructive robot use spinning weapons, high pressure axes and spikes, to create maximum damage to opponents, More common now is interchangeable weaponary, allowing the robot to be modified to suit its opponent

The overall design and choices are very much a trade off of power and destructive capability and will require different strategies in battle.
*Walkers (no wheels or tracks) have an increased weight limit, which can be used for heavier armour and weaponary, but have the draw backs of being more difficult to build and tend to move slower than wheeled robots.

Some events will have slightly different rules, and may not allow spinning weapons due to safety reasons. Others even have house robots to keep the fights under control

robotslive house robot

Check out the Fighting Robots Association at www.fightingrobots.co.uk for advice and details before you start your build.

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